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Idee & Parole plans and designs broad-ranging marketing and communications campaigns, providing clients with its specific skills in Media Relations, Marketing and Communications.

The substance of its message lies at the heart of a company's whole strategy. This underlies the work of the Media Relations group as it distributes up-to-date carefully checked information in an ongoing relationship of trust with the media.

  • Creation of advertising plans using the press, radio, TV and the internet
  • Production and distribution of press folders, media releases and press kits
  • Web and Social Media Relations activities
  • Regular direct contact with editorial staff
  • Constant monitoring of media resulting in interest-specific press reviews
  • Presentation of top management's credentials to the media
  • Organization of press conferences

An effective flow of information is the first step in creating a successful company. To this end, we develop complete communications projects to promote brand recognition by the public through innovative use of the media.

  • Drawing up of corporate communications plans
  • Creation of coordinated brand and image
  • Production of brochures, catalogues and printed matter
  • Drafting of newspaper articles
  • Writing of advertising copy
  • Devising and preparation of newsletters, house organs and company publications, including use of the web
  • Planning, creation and updating of web content
  • Positioning of sites on search engines and their addition to themed portals
  • Development of communication’s skills, particularly in the use of Web for business purposes
  • Organization of events

In markets that are undergoing constant change, it is of fundamental importance for companies to develop and adopt the most suitable strategies for customer relations. From sales and promotional tools to loyalty campaigns and web marketing, we create and develop projects in constant synergy with our client companies.

  • Strategic consulting and creation of general marketing plans
  • Planning for a company's international development and identification of suitable markets
  • Definition of communications strategies and advertising and promotional services
  • Market analysis and definition of socio-economic trends
  • Organization of fairs, meetings, congresses and corporate conventions
  • Devising of plans for promotions, merchandising and incentives for the sales network
  • Development of organizational skills for managers and sales executives

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